astrology meaning in bengali

astrology meaning in Bengali (astrology Bengali meaning): In today’s article you can learn astrology Bengali অর্থ meaning in Bengali (astrology er Bengali অর্থ) or then sayastrology in Bengali or astrology means in Bengali.

Along with knowing, you will know a lot more Similar Words, English Example, Synonym, Antonym & related things related to this word. I hope today’s article ( astrology Meaning in Bengali.astrology means in Bengali) will be helpful to you.

astrology meaning in Bengali. The meaning of astrology in Bengali

astrology means in Bengali or astrology এর বাংলা অর্থ হল জ্যোতিষবিদ্যা

  • Pronunciation of astrology in English: as-tro-lo-ji
  • Pronunciation of in astrology Bengali:jotish-bidya

As we know,astrology is an English word. If we talk about its use, we use it in english speaking language in general in our daily life.

Also, if we talk about its astrology use in sentences, then it is used in both verb (kriya) and noun (sangya) forms. But if we talk about its most common use in sentences, it is most commonly used as a verb or noun or adjective.

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astrology Meaning in Bengali with sentence examples

1. Astrology and alternative medicine are part of the New Age movement.
2. She dismisses astrology as pseudo-science.
3. Astronomy, as distinct from astrology, is an exact science.
4. She’s busy writing a book on astrology.
5. Astronomy inherits from astrology.
6. Unlike astronomy, astrology cannot be described as an exact science.
7. Astrology was condemned as the doctrine of demons.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. And a clear case of life imitating astrology.
9. The use of natural astrology, as it was subsequently called became inseparable from the exercise of political and military power.
10. Through astrology one could be forewarned of the exact time of his coming.
11. So many people believe in astrology, it makes you wonder if it’s all true.
12. The tarot reading and astrology were presented by my mage at a fairly down-market level.
13. People adhere to astrology with a dogmatic frame of mind rather than having a sceptical, critical approach.
14. Clairvoyance, astrology, sorcery and interpretation of dreams are booming industries.
15. Astrology and alchemy are occult sciences.
16. Do you believe in astrology?
17. Many people have misconceptions about astrology.
18. I was born a goat in my astrology sign.
19. The seventh sign of the zodiac in astrology.
20. This discovery seems to validate the claims of popular astrology.
21. We’re at cross – purposes: I’m talking about astronomy, you’re talking about astrology.
22. The Aquarian alsatian or the Capricorn collie would come to little harm from canine astrology.
23. True, they are playing with great danger, but they may never really experience communion with the evil force behind astrology.
24. The ruler of the nights has always held considerable influence in astrology.

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