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bae meaning in Bengali (bae Bengali meaning): In today’s article you can learn bae Bengali অর্থ meaning in Bengali (bae er Bengali অর্থ) or then saybae in Bengali or bae means in Bengali.

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bae meaning in Bengali. The meaning of bae in Bengali

bae means in Bengali or bae এর বাংলা অর্থ হল ?????

  • Pronunciation of bae in English: be
  • Pronunciation of in bae Bengali:

As we know,bae is an English word. If we talk about its use, we use it in english speaking language in general in our daily life.

Also, if we talk about its bae use in sentences, then it is used in both verb (kriya) and noun (sangya) forms. But if we talk about its most common use in sentences, it is most commonly used as a verb or noun or adjective.

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bae Meaning in Bengali with sentence examples

1. BAe refused to confirm or deny any interest.
2. BAe has argued Raytheon was the better deal for employees and shareholders.
3. BAe will join forces with the Far East firm to produce passenger planes for regional travel.
4. BAe is a world leader in designing and making wings for civil or military aircraft.
5. Provost McDonald said last year BAe had moved the headquarters of its regional jet operation to Prestwick.
6. Contractors BAe has already announced the closure of its plant in Hatfield, Herts.
7. But it leaves BAe as a bit player in Airbus.
8. The BAe 1000, a derivative of the highly successful BAe 125-800, will be produced at its Chester factory.
9. Now we will listen to bae seul gi’s Tomboy.
10. Lockheed is going head-to-head with BAE Systems in a competition to upgrade up to 449 Warriors with a new turret, gun, electronic architecture and other improvements.
11. Methods BAE was performed in 50 cases with pulmonary hemoptysis.
12. Conclusion The recurrent emptysis after BAE is related to the choice of embolic agents, interventional techniques and underlying diseases.
13. Work will be performed primarily at BAE Systems facilities in North Charleston, S.C.
14. BAE Systems has produced over 1.5 million MOLLE sets over the last four years.
15. The team will co-locate at the BAE Systems C4I development center in Point Loma, Calif.
16. A kind of cationic paper strength agent was prepared through the modification of polyethylene imine(PEI) with bisphenol A epoxy resin(BAE) emulsion.
17. IN THE latest move against piracy BAE Systems, a British firm, has developed a laser that can be deployed on commercial shipping and will act as a deterrent to pirates trying to board a vessel.
18. BAE now is selected as the prime contractor in July 1996 to supply a complete package of 21 mission-equipped Nimrod 2000 aircraft, together with a training system and initial logistic support.
19. In addition, BAE Systems will install the Sea Wolf Mid Life Update, and she will be fitted with two upgraded small calibre guns.

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