Best Indie Games On Switch 2022

There are high-quality independent games.With the release of Nintendo Switch , gamers found a perfect platform to play certain indies.

These games have an independent development that has limited financial, technological or human resources .

This means that behind indie games there are very small teams of people and they don’t have a big budget .

This is often reflected in the graphics, animations and other elements of the game such as the duration. What are the best indies games for Nintendo Switch?

Despite those limitations, some indie games could compete with big productions . They stand out especially for their artistic design and a very careful narrative that is worthwhile.

A good example of this is the amazing Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice , but there are dozens of indie games that you have to play.

In the following list we collect the most important indie games to play on Nintendo Switch and we assure you that they will surprise you.

best indie games on switch
best indie games on switch

Top 10 best indies games for Nintendo Switch

Here are the 10 best indie games to download on Nintendo Switch, where you will find a wide variety of genres available: platforms, adventures, role-playing games or even metroidvania. Some of these games are digital only, so they can be installed from the console’s eShop,

Hollow Knight

Winner of multiple awards, Hollow Knight is an old school 2D action adventure game . It has a vast world that we must explore and that is interconnected. During the adventure, ancient cities, caves and moors await us. In each of these scenarios there are creatures that have been corrupted. Our mission, to solve the ancient mysteries that lie in the heart of the kingdom, under the city of Petrópolis. Fulfilling this mission will not be easy as 30 bosses await us who will put us to the test. The soundtrack has been composed by Christopher Larkin.

Hollow Knight is one of the most complete indies of recent times. In addition to an artistic section with a lot of personality, the game stands out for having a very deep playability . This metroidvania is demanding in boss battles and offers many options to enjoy the story, while we discover an incredible world. It is an essential game that will take you many hours of play.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an RPG where a battle has begun to rise up with the Divinity. The game has a somewhat difficult tactical combat system to master. There are more than 5 races and 6 characters with different origins. Now, if we want we can create our own character. While we play there is unlimited freedom to explore the world , either together with other AI-controlled characters or with 3 other players. Developed by Larian Studios, the game features voices in English and texts in Spanish.

RPG fans can enjoy the acclaimed Divinity Original Sin 2 on the hybrid console. It is a game with an old school touch, very careful both in the graphics and the game system. It has everything you need to spend hours in front of the screen to discover the individual history of the main characters. On the other hand, combat takes place in turns , so it has a greater tactical component.


Developed by the same studio that once made Bastion, this time they have released a roguelike-type game with lots of action and an atmosphere that grabs us from minute one. In Hades we are an immortal prince of the underworld who has the powers and weapons of Olympus. Our mission is to escape the clutches of the god of death . According to the developers, the game offers a rich narrative and world-building that is noteworthy.

This roguelike is very intuitive and accessible for all players, although it is no less demanding for that. The game proposes a gameplay based on action and complex dungeons in which you have to learn from each enemy. In addition, it has a detailed artistic style that has conquered everyone who has played it because it has a very defined identity .


It is a 2D platform video game (shot ’em up) developed and distributed by StudioMDHR. The game was subtitled “Don’t Make Deals with the Devil” and received rave reviews from the public. The story centers on Cuphead and Mugman, two brothers who make a deal with the Devil in order to preserve their souls after losing to him in a casino. The main mission of the protagonists is to collect the contracts from those who owe the Devil. Cuphead has a very simple gameplay in which we will have to collect powers and bonuses to face enemies. The story is divided into 4 islands that have various levels , and can be played single or multiplayer.

This game has some really amazing art , inspired by classic 1930s animation. Additionally, the development studio used the same traditional Rotoscope techniques to animate the characters and settings. The result is surprising and has an addictive gameplay that penalizes the error heavily against the final bosses of each level.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a title that has been developed by the Ninja Theory studio. The game takes us to a world that is set in the Viking era . The protagonist, Senua, is a Celtic warrior who must fight for the soul of her late lover. It is worth mentioning that the game has been created in collaboration with neuroscientists and people suffering from psychosis. In its day Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was the winner of five BAFTA awards, it was also the best indie game of 2017. In terms of language, it has voices in English and subtitles in Spanish. When it comes to playing on PC we can do it with a remote control as it has full compatibility with said peripheral.

Many people will be surprised to find a game like Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice on this list, but its creators define it as an indie game with triple A quality . Indeed, this amazing game was developed with a very small team of just 20 employees and that is reflected in the duration of the game. Otherwise, it is an exceptional title that delves into mental illness .

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

It is a platform, adventure and metroidvania video game developed by Moon Studios and distributed by Xbox Game Studios. It is the sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest (2015) , in this case, the story of Ori and the Will of the Wisps has very different elements, but maintains the essence of the first installment. The game dynamics remains practically intact, although with some changes and novelties that differentiate it from its predecessor.

Following the success of the first game , development on the sequel was imminent. And not only that because initially the team consisted of 20 people , but it was expanded to 80 for this installment. Still, it is a game with an indie soul with a very attractive design based on light and shadow. The sequel also improved certain aspects of the combat system , as well as very intense chase sequences.


Developed by The Game Kitchen and distributed by Team17 Digital, Blasphemous is an action-platformer game with intense combat in true hack-n-slash style . In Blasphemous a terrible curse has fallen on the land of Cvstodia and its inhabitants. The only one who can do something to end this curse is the Penitent, but it will not be easy. The Penitent has to explore a world and its religion to discover its secrets. Hordes of terrifying creatures will come our way. With the help of relics, rosary beads and prayers we can stand up to even the most powerful bosses.

Can you imagine a metroidvania set in Holy Week in Andalusia? Well that’s basically Blasphemous, a Spanish development game that has had rave reviews for the universe it has created . The game is based on Christian folklore that is reflected in all its pixel art artistic section , since both the protagonist, the stages or level bosses are iconic figures of Christianity .


There are many platform games and indie adventure, Celeste being one of them. In Matt Makes Games’ game we have to do everything possible for Madeline to survive the demons within her as she tries to reach the top of Celeste Mountain. It is worth mentioning that it is an adventure marked by storytelling that has a moving plot. To get to Celeste you have to overcome more than 700 screens that are quite a challenge. The soundtrack is up there with more than two hours of very catchy music.

Celeste proposes a trip to climb a mountain, although there are also phases of puzzle solving , but behind it there is a much deeper message. Therefore, it is a game that is as challenging as it is satisfying to complete, since you will end up empathizing with the protagonist. An essential game for those looking for a complicated challenge , since you will need patience in certain phases.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of stories that relate the experiences of a family that has lived in the state of Washington. We have to step into Edith’s shoes and explore the Fich family home in search of stories. Each story allows us to experience the life of a family member on the day of their death. In addition, they are set both in the distant past and today. Each of the stories are played in the first person and end the same, with the death of that relative.

The graphics of the game may be misleading, but it really is a standalone title from Annapurna focused on narrative . It is not a particularly difficult game, but it is a very interesting interactive first-person experience. The protagonist walks through Edith Finch’s house and her thoughts through her diary, reliving the death of each member of her family.


It is an adventure and mystery video game developed by Campo Santo and distributed by Panic. The story takes place during 1989 in Yellowstone and revolves around a Shoshone National Forest fire watcher named Henry, who has the objective of preventing any type of fire that is generated by the illegal actions that people do in the city.

The minimalist art of Firewatch is no coincidence, and neither are the basic animations. The development study minimized costs by discarding things like conversations with other hikers to avoid lip-syncing work. The strong point of Firewatch is the story that hooks from the first moment and where the protagonist will investigate various strange events.

Baba is you

Baba is you is a puzzle game created by independent developer Arvi Teikari, better known as Hempuli. The mechanics are based on the manipulation of the rules represented by tiles with words so that the player reaches the objective of each level . All these rules can be moved, as well as their attributes to create our own game and victory conditions. So it is possible to transform the elements to solve all the levels, the difficulty of which is increasing .


Limbo is an adventure game developed by Playdead. The protagonist is a boy who has a mission to search for his missing sister. To do this, he has to go through all kinds of places while avoiding obstacles and fleeing from enemies. The scrolling is in 2D and there are only two colors, black and white. In its day it won a few awards for the best indie game in various media, and no wonder. Playdead has taken care of every aspect of the title to detail, and in the end it paid off. The game in its PC version has full controller compatibility.


Minecraft is the best-selling game in history, a true revolution in the video game industry as it takes the concept of LEGO one step further. In Minecraft you have an infinite world full of creatures of all kinds, both good (cows, pigs, chickens, inhabitants), and evil (creepers, spiders, skeletons) and your objective will be to survive and build everything that your imagination allows you through use of blocks of all kinds.

Rocket League

It is a video game combined between racing and soccer, developed and distributed by Psyonix. It is the sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a title that was launched in 2008. In this installment we will control different vehicles that have extra propulsion to propel themselves when touching the big ball and thus score a goal in the goal of the opponent. In a Rocket League game, a maximum of 8 people can play, divided into 2 teams that are differentiated by blue and orange colors, in addition, participants can choose 1 of the 25 stadiums available in the game. It also allows you to play different modes, such as single player, cooperative and online.


It is a platform and puzzle video game developed and distributed by Playdead. It is a title with a very peculiar story, the plot takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the main protagonist is a boy who struggles to escape from people who want to experiment with young people, and tries to survive all the obstacles that are on your way. There are even some creatures that will threaten to take the life of the child.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

It is an action video game developed by Dennaton Games and distributed by Devolver Digital. Once again there is blood in abundance and a lot of action in a title that has pixel art graphics. Face all kinds of enemies and kill them using all the weapons you have at your fingertips.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is an action game with graphics reminiscent of the 8-bit era. Developed by Dennaton Games, it is a very violent and bloody title, let’s say that is its hallmark. Hotline Miami engages from minute one by offering exquisite playability and a very catchy soundtrack. In the game you get into the shoes of an antihero who has to face a large number of enemies, each one more dangerous. In terms of game modes, it lacks multiplayer. In its version for PC it offers full compatibility with remote control. Dennaton Games’ game has texts in Spanish.

Stardew Valley

It is a 2D farm simulation video game developed by ConcernedApe and distributed by Chucklefish Games. The story centers on a boy who is tired of working in offices , so he decides to go to his grandfather’s farm that is abandoned, so he will have the objective of recovering everything that was lost by re-establishing the establishments and crops.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is a somewhat special title, we get into the shoes of a goose that is loose in a village. Do not expect a great story, the purpose of the game is to have a good time while we walk the streets making jokes and annoying the inhabitants of the place . Ultimately, we have to make life impossible for everyone who crosses our path. Developed by House House, Untitled Goose Game is a single player game that in its PC version has full controller compatibility. At the time of playing we can put texts in Spanish and 6 other languages.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an action and platform game developed by the indie studio Motion Twin. The developers define the title as a roguevania that takes place in an interconnected world where exploration is very important. When it comes to playing it reminds, in part, of Dark Souls, but in 2D. You have to learn the routine of your enemies if you don’t want to die at the first turn. In Dead Cells there are more than 50 weapons and many spells . The progression is not linear. As we progress and unlock special abilities we have access to new routes. Throughout the world there are secret rooms and hidden passageways. The Motion Twin game has voices and texts in Spanish.

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

It is an action-adventure video game with dungeon elements developed and distributed by Nicalis, Inc. and Edmund McMillen. The story takes place around Isaac, a boy who after learning that his mother hears a God asking for sacrifices as a show of faith, escapes to the basement and is threatened by a wide variety of supernatural creatures and possessed people.


ABZÛ is an exploration game, created by the developers of Journey, where you are a lone diver in a lush marine world. The diver descends to the bottom of the depths where great creatures inhabit and will discover ancestral secrets. You will have to find your true purpose. ABZÛ is the translation of “The ocean of wisdom” from the ancient Sumerian. A game to admire its beauty and relax watching species and their underwater landscapes. Recently added for Xbox Game Pass for PC.


It is an RPG video game with horror and best indie games on switch puzzle elements developed by Toby Fox, distributed by 8-4 and Fangamer. The story centers on a boy who ventures into an underground world known as “El Subuelo” , a place where a large number of terrifying monsters lie that threaten his life. Your only objective will be to return to the surface of the Earth surviving all the creatures or saving them through the peaceful way through your different decisions. The gameplay has an isometric and side scrolling view with 2D graphics, the player can interact with objects and characters to fulfill their missions.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is an arcade game whose purpose is to break hearts by shooting laser beams while we go at full speed with our motorcycle or skateboard . There are all kinds of settings, from futuristic cities and dark forests to deserts. The strong point of the game is not the graphics, where the Simogo title stands out is in the gameplay. The controls are easy to learn, but difficult to master. The soundtrack is pop music type. On Nintendo Switch the game runs at 1080p and 60 fps if the console is docked. If we play in portable mode the resolution drops to 720p, but maintains the frame rate per second.

Spelunky 2

Following the success of the first installment, Mossmouth and BlitWorks have released Spelunky 2. With a roguelike style of play , this platformer is much larger in every way than the first game. Play alone locally or with up to 4 friends, also online, in order to unravel all the mysteries and find all the treasures . Once again, unique challenges and a difficulty await you that will put your skills to the test. On the other hand, and returning to the subject of game modes, it has a competitive mode to complete the experience and offer variety for all types of players. Spelunky 2 has full controller compatibility in its PC version.


It is a 2D platform video game developed and distributed by Thunder Lotus. In this title we take the role of Stella , who is accompanied by her pet cat named Daffodil. This girl is the successor of the mythological Charon Spiritfarer, who had the objective of directing the ferry through different places to find spirits and take them to Everdoor.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is an RPG developed by Red Hook Studios. The player can manage a group of heroes to explore dungeons located under a Gothic mansion that he has inherited. The game combines real-time movements with turn-based combat , although it relies on a core mechanic of each hero’s stress level that increases with exploration and confrontations. The protagonist unearths a terrible monstrosity and unleashes a series of horrible creatures that he will now have to defeat. In your exploration you will discover the memories of your ancestors and the terrible history of this place.

Oxenfree best indie games on switch

Oxenfree is a game that has been developed by Night School Studio and that once won several awards at IGF 2016: Excellence in Visual Art, Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Narrative Excellence and Audio Excellence. In Oxenfree a group of friends experience a paranormal event by opening a ghostly breachwhile they are on the beach spending the night. The beach is in an old military base that, at first, seems abandoned. The group of friends has to do everything possible to get off the island, although it will not be easy. To begin with, they have to deal with all kinds of events. As we explore the island we are making decisions that influence history. Our mission is not only to escape from the military base, but also to discover the dark past. Oxenfree has voices in English and texts in Spanish.

Gone Home

It is a horror and adventure video game developed by Fullbright, distributed by The Fullbright Company, Majesco Entertainment and Annapurna Interactive. The story of the game takes place in 1995 in Portland , Oregon, where the inhabitants of a city mansion have disappeared without leaving a trace, and there is no answer to what has happened. Here we will control Kaitlin Greenbriar , a girl who enters this house to investigate why the inhabitants of the mansion are absent.

The Messenger

The Messenger is an action and platform game with retro graphics that are inspired by the titles of the genre that came out in the 8-bit and 16-bit era. In the title developed by Sabotage, the protagonist is a ninja who has a life or death mission, to deliver a scroll that is vital for the survival of his clan. The sprites, animations and backgrounds have been designed with an 8- and 16-bit touch. As the adventure progresses, you have to improve the character with new skills. The soundtrack has been composed by Rainbowdragoneyes, he is a well known chiptune composer.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds takes us to an open world full of mysteries . This world revolves around a solar system that is trapped in time . In the Mobius Digital game we are part of a space program that is looking for answers. We have to travel the deepest corners of space and explore hidden locations that change over time. In addition, very dangerous scenarios await us where natural disasters keep many secrets . During the adventure you have to be very careful with the oxygen level and use a large number of devices to search for signals. Outer Wilds has voices in English and texts in Spanish.

GRAY best indie games on switch

Nomada Studio established itself with GRIS, one of the independent video games that has caused the most furor in recent years. Its beautiful artistic section impressed from the first stages of its development, confirming in 2018 that it is a sublime video game in all aspects. The story focuses on the young GRAY, who must recover her voice through the action of colors in a platforming title with a very intimate touch that provides a very personal and emotional adventure, supported by an exceptional soundtrack that captivates the player from beginning to end. In addition, it is a very original video game, since it does not include battles or other video game conventions.

Super Meat Boy

It is a platform and action video game developed by Team Meat, distributed by Direct2Drive. The story centers on Meat Boy, someone who tries to do everything possible and impossible to win back his girlfriend Bandage Girl from the clutches of Doctor Fetus. To do this, he must enter the enemy’s base facilities where he will encounter different obstacles.

Hyper Light Drifter

It is a role-playing video game with elements of action and adventure developed and distributed by Heart Machine and Abylight Studios. It is a title that pays tribute to 8-bit and 16-bit games, having a style inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and a setting similar to that of Diablo. Here we take control of Drifter , a fighter who is related to technology and carries a laser sword, he must face different enemies who want to eliminate him.


Moonlighter is an action RPG with touches of roguelite that has been developed by Digital Sun. Regarding history, during an excavation some archaeologists discover a series of portals. Soon after the discovery, everyone realized that the portals are really a kind of passageways that connect with various dimensions and realms. Many saw a business opportunity, so they founded a small merchant village, Rynoka. The inhabitants of this village organize adventures promising customers that they will find treasures. In Moonlighter we not only have to restore the village and meet other inhabitants of the place, we also have all kinds of adventures in different worlds and fight bosses in combats that are a challenge.


It is a 3D puzzle adventure video game developed by Tequila Works and distributed by Gray Boxy Six Foot. The story is based on a boy who finds himself on a great island full of strange creatures that he has to survive, and in order to do so he must overcome different obstacles such as puzzles, but very interesting and fun.

Outlast II

In the sequel to Outlast we get into the shoes of Blake Langermann, a cameraman who does not hesitate to risk his life to bring to light stories that other cameras do not dare. In the Red Barrels game we have to investigate some evidence that has to do with the murder of a pregnant woman . To do this, we traveled to the Arizona desert, a place where corruption runs rampant. Sullivan Knoth and his loyal fans await us there. Together they formed Temple Gate, a town that is far from civilization. Outlast II has voices in English and texts in Spanish. In its version for PC it has full compatibility with remote control.

Unravel 2

Unravel 2 is a puzzle and platform game developed by Coldwood and a direct sequel to the game of the same name. Unlike the first one, it stars two Yarnys that are made of red and blue threads, so it can be played with another person in local cooperative mode . The objective of the game is to advance through the stage solving puzzles or avoiding enemies that may be found along the way. This beautiful game tells the story of a pair of brothers through the adventures that the Yarnys live, where they can use their threads to climb platforms and other mechanics.

Unravel best indie games on switch

It is a platform and puzzle video game developed by Coldwood Interactive and distributed by Electronic Arts. The title focuses mainly on the story of Yarny, who is an anthropomorphic character made entirely of wool. Throughout the entire trajectory of the game we will have to control Yarny to overcome levels of platforms and puzzles that will be increasingly difficult.

Layers of Fear

It is a psychological horror video game developed by Bloober Team and distributed by Aspyr Media. The plot unfolds around a 19th century painter who develops the mental illness called “schizophrenia”. During the making of his masterpiece he begins to experience memories of the past, as well as paranormal appearances and hallucinations that will torment him for a long time.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn is a very special game in terms of graphics , let’s say it has its own style that draws a lot of attention. In the game developed by Lucas Pope, everything begins in 1802. A ship that was destined for the East has not reached its destination after six months have passed since it left London. This ship was carrying more than 200 tons of merchandise. The authorities have decided to declare that the ship along with the entire crew have been lost at sea.

Little Nightmares II

It is a platform and puzzle video game developed by Tarsier Studios and distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the direct sequel to Little Nightmares , in this case, the title follows the story of Mono, who will be accompanied by Six, who will accompany and guide him to escape from the strange world full of terror.

Little Nightmares Complete Edition

It is a puzzle video game with 2.5D graphics developed by Tarsier Studios and distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The plot takes place around a girl named Six , she is 9 years old and has been kidnapped on a ship called Las Maw, strange creatures live here. During the game’s trajectory, Six must try to escape from enemies who have long been trapping children in the Maw.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity is an RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment where our decisions affect our destiny. Everything takes place in a fantasy realm with many monster infested dungeons. There are five races available: Humans, Aumauas, Elves, Dwarves, Divines, and Orlan. Characters can be customized to be a barbarian, declaimer, cipher, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, priest, ranger, outlaw, or sorcerer. Pillars of Eternity stands out for having a living world with beautiful environments and a plot and characters that captivate us. The title has no cooperative mode.

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FINAL THOUGHT ON best indie games on switch

Due to lack of resources , it is normal that many indie games have not been released in physical format, so we recommend that you take a look at the Switch digital store . There you can find them all and from time to time there are interesting offers . Unlike triple A games, indie games are also very competitively priced, often not exceeding 30 euros. If you’re still looking for more ideas to play, don’t miss out on the best indie games ever.

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