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caption meaning in Bengali. The meaning of caption in Bengali

caption means in Bengali or caption এর বাংলা অর্থ হল ???????

  • Pronunciation of caption in English: kap-shon
  • Pronunciation of in caption Bengali:

As we know,caption is an English word. If we talk about its use, we use it in english speaking language in general in our daily life.

Also, if we talk about its caption use in sentences, then it is used in both verb (kriya) and noun (sangya) forms. But if we talk about its most common use in sentences, it is most commonly used as a verb or noun or adjective.

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caption Meaning in Bengali with sentence examples

  • He uses crabs for bait, the caption informs.
  • A clear photo with a newsy caption or short article is often welcome.Once she had read a caption under the picture of a royal bride-to-be.
  • The caption alongside notes that George Davies, aged 19, is in the front row on the far right.
  • I noticed a caption in my local newspaper the other day, identifying a group of high school cheerleaders.
  • Do you really need a caption for these two photos?
  • While often the caption is the target node name, sometimes an attractive caption does not fit the semantic net paradigm.
  • The Caption Competition, which usually gives me a source of amusement, in the Feb edition was in bad taste.
  • His name is incorrectly spelt in the caption as N V Matovski, but the face is unmistakable.
  • If the caption does become detached the finder can see at a glance what it is.
  • Here’s a better attempt at a caption for the same picture.
  • Then she redrew her picture and wrote the caption shown in Figure 3. 9.
  • Caption: 19: China’s Politburo Standing Committee Member Li Changchun.
  • BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, the caption said.
  • I didn’t understand the drawing until I read the caption.
  • On the back of the photo is written the simple caption, “Mrs. Monroe”.
  • The paper showed a picture of homeless people sleeping on the streets with the caption underneath ‘the unacceptable face of capitalism’.
  • Tetanus: it doesn’t have to be a rusty nail, the caption read.
  • She holds a string of words up to them like a caption.
  • What I have in mind is a small selection of visual material with a minimum of caption text.
  • Now each absurdly impossible picture returned to her with a sardonic caption attached: Oh,( yeah?
  • Type sizes should also be restricted with text, heading and caption sizes being easily distinguishable.
  • There’s a side of smoked salmon for the best caption.
  • Jot your entries on a postcard please, addressed to Caption Competition 1155 to arrive by first post on 27 March.
  • By chance he is also the winner of the caption competition we carried in the June issue!
  • Likewise to John Jensen, for whose brilliant illustrations this column has served as an 800-word caption.
  • He said he was particularly impressed that the Hubble pictures are organized by year and that each image has a caption.
  • On the other hand the journalist can not simply mark up the caption for printing; it will have to be retyped.
  • I can almost see the artist smiling as he draws her, then adds a caption to amuse her.
  • One showed an elderly couple in a tatty cafe with the caption: Springtime in Stoke-on-Trent.

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