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Learn more about Joey Sulipeck, a meteorologist for Fox13, his family, his height, his net worth, his wife, and his time at WHBQ.

Fox13’s chief meteorologist in the United States is Joey Sulipeck. Before joining the TV news, Sulipeck tried his hand at a number of different fields, including an internship at a cannery in Alaska during his junior year.

Biography and Wikipedia entry for Joey Sulipeck

Joey Sulipeck went to Scenic Hills Elementary School in Frayser, Raleigh Egypt Jr. and Sr. High School in Raleigh, and the University of Memphis, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism.
Subsequently, he earned his National Weather Association certification after completing graduate work at Mississippi State University. According to him, knowledge is power.

In addition to being a Mensan, Emmy winner, storm chaser, spouse, and father, he is also a member of Mensa. I have a long way to go in my education. The dew process has my full confidence. After finishing college, Sulipeck tried his hand at a variety of different jobs before settling on a career in television news. For him, it was “a crash course in self-sufficiency,” as he puts it. • To learn more, check out Joey Untied, Sulipeck’s blog on

Wife of Joey Sulipeck

Joey and Lisa Sulipeck have been married for a while now. He says that his wife has taught him a lot about parenting. As he and Lisa have done, Sulipeck wants his children to find what they love to do. She has a studio set up in a nook of the living room, where she also does most of her decorating.

Children, Joey Sulipeck

The Sulipecks’ three children, Milo (12), Chloe (14), and Roman (9), are active athletes and social butterflies. There are always a lot of people hanging out at the Sulipecks’ house because there are seventeen kids from the neighborhood in their cove. They’ve lived in Germantown for seven years, but when they first moved in, the house was far from being a warm and welcoming home.

The Joey Sulipeck Salary Structure

Joey Sulipeck likely earns somewhere in the range of $20,000 and $50,000 annually.

Fox13, with Joey Sulipeck

As well as being a member of the National Weather Association and Mensa, Joey Sulipeck has won two Emmys in the Mid-South region. The Memphis Tigers have a true fan in the grill. Memphis, which Elvis loves, is cherished. Sulipeck has worked for WHBQ-TV, a Fox affiliate in Memphis, for over ten years, and the station has honored him with two Emmy Awards for his broadcasting.

Joey Sulipeck has displayed his abilities as a TV meteorologist, FedEx pilot, and hands-on experimenter. Verification is without cost. To sign up, visit on the web. He has worked at WHBQ-TV, the Fox affiliate in Memphis, for more than ten years and has won two Emmys for his reporting. There is always something happening in the Sulipeck household. In her own words, “since it was abandonment, it took us fourteen days just to wipe out all the garbage,” Lisa explains.

Most of the renovation work was done by the couple themselves. It was a model of teamwork, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that trash can be transformed into treasure with enough effort. The parents do their best to pass on healthy habits like that and many others to their children. Today, “The world is anxious to bring up my children,” Sulipeck observes, so he acknowledges the growing importance of having parents present in their children’s lives. The worlds of television, newspapers and the Internet have a shared need to dump information into people’s heads.

To help their children find their “genuine north,” he and Lisa are committed to instilling in them the values they have learned from the Bible. Therefore, it is important for them to acquire the funds necessary to purchase the things they require, and to keep in mind that the use of a computer or a mobile phone is a privilege, not a right. He also teaches his kids to take a step back and look at things from all angles before making snap judgments.

Children are paying attention. They take cues from our behavior and demeanor, both verbal and nonverbal, and act proactively nice toward us, he says. His mother was left to keep the family together despite the fact that both of his parents and both sets of grandparents were involved in his upbringing.

He gives her credit for teaching him many of the things he knows about raising children. Like Sulipeck and Lisa, Sulipeck is confident that his kids will develop their own passions in due time. She has a passion for the arts and enjoys painting in a special nook of the sanctuary. Many of the improvements they’ve made to their house have been inspired by her ideas.

Financial Worth of Joey Sulipeck

Currently, in 2023, Joey Sulipeck is worth an estimated $8 million. His success as Chief Meteorologist has allowed him to amass a considerable fortune.