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stalking meaning in Bengali (stalking Bengali meaning): In today’s article you can learn stalking Bengali অর্থ meaning in Bengali (stalking er Bengali অর্থ) or then saystalking in Bengali or stalking means in Bengali.

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stalking meaning in Bengali. The meaning of stalking in Bengali

stalking means in Bengali or stalking এর বাংলা অর্থ হল ???????? ??????

  • Pronunciation of stalking in English: sto-k-ing
  • Pronunciation of in stalking Bengali:

As we know,stalking is an English word. If we talk about its use, we use it in english speaking language in general in our daily life.

Also, if we talk about its stalking use in sentences, then it is used in both verb (kriya) and noun (sangya) forms. But if we talk about its most common use in sentences, it is most commonly used as a verb or noun or adjective.

Synonyms Of stalking In Engalish and bengali

big-game hunting
the hunt

Antonyms Of stalking In English and Bengali


stalking Meaning in Bengali with sentence examples

1 I think the development is a stalking horse for exploitation of the surrounding countryside.
2 The lion was stalking a zebra.
3 He was arrested for stalking.
4 The lion was stalking in the grass.
5 The police had been stalking the woman for a week before they arrested her.
6 The possibility of another stalking horse challenge this autumn cannot be ruled out.
7 He spent the weekend stalking deer in the Scottish highlands.
8 She claimed that he had been stalking her over a period of three years.
9 No, he was not outfitted for stalking anything.
10 London has been seen as Washington’s stalking horse.
11 He was too innocent to be a stalking horse.
12 Whoever was there was stalking her! Blind panic sent her off at a stumbling run.
13 When approached by a stalking killer, the lizard’s tail is the focus of attention.
14 The animal was stalking around my store,[] poking his head into corners.
15 As lads, ignorant about stalking, two of us hove over a horizon just as some one fired at a stag.
16 Prince Charles has been deer stalking since he was a child and takes great pride in a clean kill.
17 The servants stalking mosquitoes at twilight, crafty, pouncing on the window screens.
18 He saw himself stalking something through the woods, possibly a deer, which made him feel nauseated.
19 There are plenty of mountains with no stalking to keep you busy during autumn.
20 The Home Secretary is considering a new law against stalking.
21 Bobbie occupied with Marie’s little circle would have less time and energy for stalking David Chester with the Fieldfare family pistol.
22 He had two messages for the public and the victims of the killer gangs stalking Ulster’s streets.
23 Thankfully it’s now a nature reserve, which has the added advantage of offering free access during the stalking season.
24 Kong, too, escaped the police and is still, presumably, stalking the streets looking for more victims.
25 Then there would be the usual reconnaissance, the donning of protective clothing, the stalking of the device.
26 While out ploughing a horseman had noticed a stoat some distance away stalking a rabbit.
27 On my daily mail run to the Chautauqua office I feel the mountains over my shoulder stalking me.
28 After a wait of an hour or two he saw a big male stalking on the forest edge.
29 The Trunchbull started advancing slow and soft-footed upon Rupert in the manner of a tigress stalking a small deer.
30 Cameron Diaz has joined the cast as a woman stalking Cruise.

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