Teletalk Balance check! GP, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink in 2021

In this article, we talked about the process of the Teletalk balance check. You will be able to check your Teletalk balance via different USSD codes. All USSD codes are officially provided by Teletalk mobile operators. We regularly update this article according to Teletalk’s latest guidelines in 2021.

Maybe, you brought a new Teletalk mobile service, or, you forget how to check Teletalk bslance. Is that right?

Teletalk is the brand name of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited which is the only state-owned GSM, 3G, LTE-based mobile phone operator in Bangladesh that started operating in 2004.
Day by day, Teletalk getting more and more subscribers. Teletalk is the best mobile phone operator for student in Bangladesh. That’s why we need to know the updated Teletalk balance check code. We are here to help you. After read this article, you will be able to teletalk balance check by the updated USSD codes.

Teletalk Balance Check Updated:

Please go to your dial pad, press *152#, and press the dial button. After dialing *152#, You will see a USSD popup on the mobile screen with Teletalk’s current account balance.
The second way is SMS. You can Teletalk balance via text messages. Go to your message option, type “U” and send SMS to 111 you will get an SMS with your account balance details.
By dialing *152#, at the same time, you will get the information about Teletalk main balance, Internet balance, Minute balance, SMS balance, MMS balance.

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Why Teletalk Balance Check Is Important?

Teletalk is one of the most popular mobile network operators in Bangladesh. About a million of user have subscribed teletalk for their data, calling and sms service. Teletalk provides some easy USSD codes and sms methods to check teletalk balance. We should teletalk balance check before calling someone, so that we can save usage of phone balance. Herer are several ways to check teletalk balance easily. The company has brought different plans and given lots of various methods for different purposes.

Here Are The Steps To Teletalk Balance Check:

  1. To check teletalk main balance dial *152# and you will get the information in seconds.
  2. To check teletalk internet balance, you can dial *152#.
  3. To check teletalk minute balance try *152#.
  4. To check teletalk number type “Tar” and send 222.
  5. When your balance is over and you want to take a loan balance for talk time or main balance please dial *1122# or type “Loan” and send to 1122.
  6. Teletalk customer care contact number is 121

How to check GP balance?

  • Please dial *566# to check your GP balance from your phone.
  • And dial *12112# to check GP emergency balance in 2021.
  • Dial *2# to GP Number Check.
  • To gp Internet Balance Check: *121*1*4#
  • To GP Minute Check: *121*1*2#
  • To GP SMS Check, dial *566*2# or *121*1*2#
  • To GP MMS Check: *566*14#
  • To GP My offer check: *121#

How to check Robi Balance?

To check Robi balance dial *222#. And check the emergency balances by dialing *222*16#.

To check Banglalink balance dial *124#. You have to dial this USSD code to check the balances. Banglalink Emergency balance can be checked by the same number of the balance check.

How to check Airtel Mobile Balance in Bangladesh?

To check Airtel Mobile Balance balance in Bangladesh dial *778#. And *141*10# is the emergency balance code of Airtel. Hope it helps.

All SIM Main Balance Check USSD Code:

Operator NameBalance check codeEmergency Balance
Robi*222#22216# or *8#
All sim balance check code table

Teletalk Balance check final thought:

We are sure, now learn to check not only Teletalk balance check but also GP, banglalink, Airtel, Robi balance. Hope its Help you.

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