That Meaning in Bengali

That Meaning in bengali (That’s meaning in bengali) : In today’s article, all of you can say the meaning of this English word called That in bengali or if you say ‘ That’ মানে কি ‘ and many more things related to this word. Will be able to know I hope that today’s article will be useful to you.

That Meaning in Bengali. Bengali meaning of that

Meaning of That in Bengali (That Meaning in Bengali) or Meaning: ঐ, এটা, ওইটা

As we know, That is an English word. In general, that is used in Sentence in four forms like Pronoun (সর্বনাম), Adverb (ক্রিয়া বিশেষণ), Conjunction and Article.

The most important thing is that we all use them in our daily life. So let us know that the other Bengali meanings of That are included in the three forms of Parts of Speech , Pronoun, Adverb, Conjunction-

  • Pronoun : that (বাহ), that (যা), that (ঐ), that (ওর), that (যাকে)


  1. That’s his wife over there.
  2. The women that owns the place.
  3. That’s a good idea.
  4. Adverb (adverb) : to (পর্যন্ত), so much (অনেক)


  1. I would not go that far.
  2. Conjunction : that (কি), so (সুতরাং), because of this (এই কারনে), because (কারণ).

COD এর পূর্ণরূপ Meaning


  1. Oh that he could be restored to health.
  2. She said that she was satisfied.
  3. I am glad that you like it.
  4. Pronunciation of That in English: Dait
  5. Pronunciation of That in Bengali ডাঁট

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