Types of Memes what are they?

Types of Memes Memes as we know them today are the product of the great creativity found on the internet, they are part of pop culture and we find them on all social networks daily.

Despite starting as an organic entertainment phenomenon, today they represent trends, they allude to the world news arena.

They also work as a marketing strategy , since they are part of politics, religion, sports, and everything that is part of the world and the internet. They can serve as a measure of vitalization. For example: at an event, the more memes are shared, the more people will know about it.

The accounts that are dedicated to the publication of memes generate many followers and likes. Plus, it’s content that can be mass-reproduced quickly.

Types of Memes
Types of Memes

What are memes?

Memes are an internet phenomenon that associates two elements such as: a text and an image . This composition represents an idea, thought, situation or concept, which spreads rapidly and massively; using literary devices such as humor, hyperbole, sarcasm and irony. Although the aforementioned are the most common, the content can also be videos, audios and stickers.

These are virilized through the dissemination of Internet users in different media such as forums, social networks, hyperlinks and any mass communication medium. The first memes on the internet were created in the late 90s and early 2000s , they were sent through the existing media on the web such as e-mail and were recognized and popular among people. The growth of technology and social networks drove and spread the use of these worldwide.

The way memes work is pretty much like a virus, the meme is created, if successful. It is spread across the population from individual to individual. In this transition, it may or may not undergo changes or mutations, and then die from the same users on the internet. The content stops being attractive after a few days or weeks, and organically it decreases your traffic. However, many memes have become classics and although they are not viral, they are still published and netizens accept the material.

Origin of the word meme

The concept of the word was created long before the existence of the internet, by a scientist named Richard Dawkins. He defined the word in his book “The Selfish Gene” of 1976, as those cultural peculiarities that are inherited between people and between generations through diffusion, teaching or imitation. Compare memes and culture with genes and biology. This meaning mainly encompassed gestures, ideas, values, opinions and those symbolic heritages that struggle to become part of a consolidated culture.

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Despite the fact that these concepts are different, the appropriation of the word created by Richard D. occurs because of the curiosity of internet memes and the way in which it is spread among people.

Characteristics of memes

For a meme to be successful, all it takes is for people to share it and spread the word. For this to happen, it must meet certain characteristics:

  1. It has to be original, creative and / or novel.
  2. It should be easy to replicate without losing its overall concept.
  3. Have the ability to endure over time and not die trying.
  4. Convey a clear or intuitive message, so that people understand the concept.

Types of memes

Types by resource used

Image memes

These are the most common and quintessential memes . These are images accompanied by text and both elements together create a new concept. Types of Memes are carried out when a joke or a story of public knowledge was told about an image, and then have the same joke or story repeated with the same image, adapting it to a different context or changing the text completely; but without changing the concept of the story or the joke it represents. We see the image repeatedly day after day on all networks until the same public discards it. In the same way, the image can be modified and the text that narrates a known story adaptable to different situations, which can be taken from a series, movie or comic, can be preserved.

Video memes

They use video as their first resource and it can be implemented in various ways. You can modify the entire audio of the original video or superimpose a new voice, music or sound. You can also modify the visual structure of the video, or make a composition of two unrelated videos. Another way it is done is if it is attached to a fixed text at the top or bottom of the video.

Audio Types of Memes

They are structured by adding a written affirmation to a voice reproduction that complements it.

Memes of stickers

They are used in social networks, and the stickers are usually represented by popular animated characters, famous people or emojis in conjunction with a typical phrase or an added text. They are mainly used on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Snapchat.

Memes of Faces

They are represented by black and white figures known as internet faces, which have defined expressions and are typified by these, some of the best known are Poker Face, Forever Alone, Okay, LOL Face and Cereal guy.

Text Types of Memes

Only text is used in this type of meme. They are usually screenshots where the user is shown and a phrase published by the account. These captures are taken from platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. They are so simple that sometimes the so-called normies, or “antimemes . ” Its content is very direct and consumable for a heterogeneous audience.

Gif Types of Memesmes

Types of Memes is a short video of a few seconds that is constantly repeated. They usually have a single word, a very short phrase or simply do not have text.

Types of Memes by content

Ideological Types of Memes

They tend to be critical or supportive, political, religious, and on sports groups. This type of memes shows that this tool is not only a means of entertainment, but that it communicates matrices of opinion and cultural values, they participate in events such as elections and important games, although many times the content is trivial, it can also be used for defamation , and ideological warfare.

funny Types of Memes

They are the most used and the most basic, even so, it is easy to confuse a meme that has any other intention, (such as ideologically orienting, or selling a product or services), with this type of memes that its only intention is to express an opinion to way to entertain. They tend to be quite viral, and categories such as dark humor memes , dark memes and green humor memes are broken down .

Motivational Types of Memes

They are graphically pleasing memes , which give a motivational or reflective message. They generally use visual resources such as images, videos, and gifs. It is very common for them to have phrases with advice and personal improvement, the topics they deal with are spiritual, about health, or work.

Meme-Marketing Types of Memes

Due to its viral nature, companies, brands, professionals and advertisers have taken advantage of this tool as a marketing strategy. Due to its fad nature, it is a success to use memes to disseminate the sale of products and services. One of the industries that most benefits from this is the cinema, an example is the film Bird Box (2018), which days before the premiere, Netflix already had prepared accounts of memes , of the emblematic Sandra Bullock with blindfolds and hands stretched. In the same way, the tool for guerrilla marketing is also used.

How to make a meme?

Making memes is simple, and there are many tools and platforms to create them.

Steps to make a meme

1. Select the platform or social network where the content will be published

This is special, in this way you will know the type of audience you will be targeting, the type of content you will publish and you will have a clearer vision of the elements you need so that your meme is better positioned. As for example hashtags, mentions, and favorable publication times, remember that each algorithm is different and is adapted to the needs of each platform.

2. Run a trend search

Researching earlier will give you ideas, and it will show you a clearer picture of what you can do. You can use Trendding google, Twitter, to find out about the topics of interest of the moment, and what is causing a sensation. Write down the publications that you like and those that have the most responses and interactions. You will also have the opportunity to check if someone has worked on your idea. Several memes are created with templates and they are very easy to create, you just have to think of a very creative phrase.

3. Use the necessary applications

On the internet there are a wide variety of applications that will allow you to make your memes more easily and quickly. The application you use will depend on the meme you want to make. For example, if your meme is text you can use your social network and screamshot to capture the screen. In addition, there are different applications for very intuitive video editing such as Vine, or TikTok, and several for the elaboration of image memes .

4. Write the content

Take all the advice that a creative worker can give you, because in this step the most important thing is imagination, since acceptance will depend on the originality of the content. Even if you use templates, the important thing will always be the added value that a clever text has. You can also use recycled material, from a movie, series or other video, you should still use creativity to do it in a new way. Keep the text short. If it is a conversation, use the signs (-) or (+). If the meme is text, leave the necessary spaces, that way it will be more pleasant to read.

5. Select the image or video

The previous investigation will help when deciding (in the case that you want a meme with visual content) the images or videos. On the internet you will find templates or applications to download the videos or images that you want to include. Most are free and very easy to use; You can also use screenshots and of course take your own photos or videos.

6. Create

Once you have all the elements, use the application before selecting and assembling all the pieces. Your meme will be ready.

7. Share

Use all possible dissemination methods. Share through a publication in one of your accounts and if the platform allows it, it generates a link to publish on other social networks. Send as a direct message and in your groups of friends.

Best platforms to make memes

There are a wide variety of platforms to make memes , and depending on the type of content you want to generate, you can choose the one you like the most. Here are the applications to make memes from images easier and used on the internet:

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It is an application that you can download for free on your mobile device, or you can use online on your computer. It offers a wide variety of tools, many of which are free. You can choose between different fonts, background colors, and organize your memes the way you imagine.

Other popular free mobile apps for making memes include:

  1. Meme Generator Free: It is only available in English. However, it is quite intuitive, you upload the images easily and add the text, it is available for Android.
  2. Meme Factory: This App is for Iphones. It has a great variety of templates and you can also use your own photos.
  3. Memes for WhatsApp: it is a very easy to use application that allows you to send content directly to this application.

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