50 Nose Puns

Get ready to burst into laughter with our collection of hilarious nose jokes and the finest nose puns.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, these jokes about noses will tickle your funny bone.

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Top Nose Dad Jokes and Rib-tickling Nose Puns

Prepare for a laughter-filled experience as we present some of the most entertaining dad jokes about noses that will have adults and kids in stitches!

Brace yourself for a collection of awesome nose jokes guaranteed to bring everyone joy.

  1. “Dad, do you know why the nose always wins? It’s always ahead of the curve!”
  2. “I asked my nose why it was always in my business. It replied, ‘Because I nose best!'”
  3. “Why did the nose go to school? To get a little boogie on education!”
  4. “My dad’s nose is amazing at sniffing out bad jokes. It always knows when something stinks!”
  5. “Kids, remember to be nice to your nose. After all, it’s the sniff-tastic center of attention!”
  6. “Why did the nose need an agent? It wanted to land a big booger deal!”
  7. “The office had a problem with gossip, so they hired a private nose-investigator to sniff out the source!”
  8. “I told my dad that he had a big nose. He said, ‘That’s just how I roll, son. I’m ahead of the scent!'”
  9. “Why did the student bring a nose to the exam? To ‘nose’ the answers!”
  10. “Why did the nose decide to become an artist? It wanted to draw some serious attention!”
  11. “My dad has a great sense of humor, but an even better sense of smell. He’s truly a ‘punny’ nose!”
  12. “Kids, be careful while picking your nose; you might end up ‘nose-diving’ into trouble!”
  13. “Why did the nose get into trouble at school? It couldn’t stop sniffing out troublemakers!”
  14. “The office manager had a big nose, so we called him the ‘chief scent-officer’!”
  15. “Did you hear about the student who studied noses in college? He became a ‘nostril-ogist’!”
  16. “My dad always smells success before it happens. He’s got a nose for it!”
  17. “Why did the nose refuse to go to the party? It didn’t want to ‘nose’-dive into a crowded room!”
  18. “Kids, if you want to be a great comedian, always trust your ‘nose’ for funny!”
  19. “The office had a contest for the best-smelling employee. Everyone knew the nose had it!”
  20. “I asked my dad why his nose was always running. He said, ‘Because it’s in a marathon with tissues!'”
  21. “Why did the student’s nose get a detention? It kept ‘nosy’ in other people’s business!”
  22. “The office had a meeting about proper hygiene. The agenda? ‘Nose’-y business!”
  23. “I told my dad he had a Roman nose. He replied, ‘Yeah, it’s ‘nose’ way back in history!'”
  24. “Kids, remember to always listen to your nose. It knows how to sniff out fun!”
  25. “Why did the nose become a DJ? It wanted to spin some ‘nostril-gic’ tunes!”
  26. “My dad always has a great sense of smell. He can sniff out a bad pun from miles away!”
  27. “The office hired a new employee with a great sense of smell. They said he was a real ‘nose’-worthy addition!”
  28. “Why did the student’s nose have a hard time in school? It always got ‘pierced’ by pencils!”
  29. “My dad’s nose is so powerful, he once sniffed out a hidden stash of dad jokes!”
  30. “The office had a nose-themed party. It was a ‘sniff-tacular’ event!”
  31. “Why did the nose go on strike? It couldn’t handle all the ‘snot’ fair demands!”
  32. “I asked my dad if he wanted to join a perfume-making business. He replied, ‘I’ll ‘nose’ about it!'”
  33. “The student’s nose had a passion for literature. It was a ‘nose’-bleed reader!”
  34. “Why did the office worker become a detective? He wanted to solve ‘nose’-y mysteries!”
  35. “My dad’s nose is like a GPS. It always ‘nose’-where we’re going!”
  36. “The student’s nose was a great problem-solver. It could ‘nose’ the answer to any question!”
  37. “Why did the nose become a weather forecaster? It could ‘nose’ the conditions in advance!”
  38. “I told my dad he had a cute button nose. He replied, ‘Well, it’s the ‘nose’-worthy feature of the family!'”
  39. “The office had a ‘nose’-off competition. Who could detect the most subtle scents? It was a sniffing success!”
  40. “Why did the student’s nose want to become a rapper? It had a knack for ‘nostril-flow’!”
  41. “My dad’s nose is like a detective. It’s always ‘nosing’ around for clues!”
  42. “The office had a ‘nose’-themed dress-up day. It was full of ‘sniff-tastic’ fashion statements!”
  43. “Why did the nose join a gym? It wanted to ‘nose’-ticeably improve its scent!”
  44. “I asked my dad how his nose was doing. He said, ‘It’s just ‘nose’-y business as usual!'”
  45. “The student’s nose loved math. It always ‘nose’-ticed patterns and formulas!”
  46. “Why did the office worker become a chef? He wanted to create ‘nose’-gasmic dishes!”
  47. “My dad’s nose is so big; it could have its own zip code!”
  48. “The office had a nose-themed game night. It was a ‘sniff-tastic’ evening of fun and laughter!”
  49. “Why did the student’s nose join a dance class? It wanted to ‘nose’-tively express itself through movement!”
  50. “My dad’s nose is like a superhero. It’s always ‘nose’-tling trouble before it happens!”

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